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Subconscious Problem Solving

Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of HappyVictor


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Awaken and Unleash the Full Power of Your Sub-conscious Mind

Why should we limit our problem solving skills to conscious techniques only if, researchers say, our subconscious mind works 200 million times faster?

Unlock your inner genius! Our conscious is only a small fraction of the subconscious, and the conscious has only a small fraction of information that is available to the subconscious. What you need is just to tune your subconscious mind into relevant cues by focusing on a specific problem and opening your subconscious. If you do so, relevant information, insights and solutions will suddenly come to you seemingly from out of nowhere.

The Process of Problem Solving

“One should never impose one's views on a problem; one should rather study it, and in time a solution will reveal itself,” advised Albert Einstein.

Cultivate burning desire to solve the problem you face. Visualize inspiring and joyful problem-free future. Analyze the problem for a short time, brainstorm some solutions but don’t finalize any. What you need to do is just to start the ball rolling, and then let your subconscious mind take over the task. Shelve the problem for a day or two, even if you think you can already see a solution. Don’t think about it – it should not weigh on your conscious mind.

Although you are not consciously thinking about the problem, your subconscious is working on it, and will amaze you by a simple and elegant solution that is nearly impossible to produce deliberately using a linear, logical thought process.

Trust your intuition. Intuition is how you gain answers from the subconscious and gain insight on how to solve your problems. Write any flashes of inspiration down, and then later evaluate how you can use them to solve a complex problem. If a few days pass without an insightful solution announcing itself, start thinking about the problem again. but try to define it in a better way this time, so it becomes easier to solve.

Open Your Subconscious

Close your eyes and silence your mind. Letting your subconscious work on a problem in a relaxing environment can be very effective. Your subconscious is very open while you relax, meditate or are asleep. You are also most prone to receiving insights when you are taking a bath, or staring at the sea, or doing something physical rather than cerebral.

Just be positive, use positive affirmations – especially in the morning and shortly before you go to sleep at night – to install new beliefs.


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